Wednesday, 13 March 2013

What i've been reading and watching!


#8 Skellig by David Almond

#8 Skellig by David Almond
Taught this one to my Year 8's this year and it's one I'd never come across before, it's a bit strange. A Pastiche of magic realism with some darwinism thrown in there. It is a good story though, bit of a page turner and the pupil's always wanted to read on which is always a good thing!

I'd recommend it to readers aged 10-13.


#10 Amelie
#10 Amelie

The first French Film I ever watched, back when I was around 14. I did not get it, and I did not watch another french film for around 8 years! But after being introduced the the true wonders of french cinema by JC and Miss D I thought I'd give it another go. Boy am I glad I did! Funny, touching and heartwarming. 4/5 stars

#11 Oz the Great and Powerful
Number 11 was the newest offering by Disney: Oz the Great and Powerful. I went to see it in 3D (which I hate) and it worked really well. The cinema I went to had really good glasses which always makes a difference.
Mila Kunis is pretty good in this and the FX are really quite impressive. A lovely mix of film and special effects made for a pleasurable hour and a half.

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