Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The 50/50 Project

I like projects... I like challenges... I like being being busy for a purpose.

Last year I decided that I would run a marathon. This entailed me clocking up an average of 45 miles running a week for almost 6 months. That's a serious time commitment, but in May I ran 26.2 miles and raised a lot of money for charity. The next six months just seemed to be spent attending a lot of sporting events as a spectator including the Olympics, Paralympics, World Cup Gymnastics and numerous Ulster Rugby matches!

In 2013 I am going to congratulate myself by spending much more time on the sofa. I have dubbed my venture the 50/50 project.
I pledge to read 50 books and watch 50 films and in doing so write more (as I will be forced to blog them to prove to everyone i'm not cheating!)

You can follow me on Twitter @katie_cloud or by the hashtag #5050Project

Please feel free to join me on the hashtag! I'll also need some suggestions of books and films to read and watch; you know what to do!

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