Friday, 8 February 2013

When God was a Rabbit

#4 When God Was a Rabbit

I loved this book. Everything about it was wonderful! I've discovered this year that i'm really terrible at writing reviews... I don't think my vocabulary is good enough to review things... or maybe my ability to relate one thing to another is underdeveloped because I haven't read enough? Well whatever it is, I hope this year will go some way to rectifying this, however I need to write these reviews as soon as I finish reading the books and not weeks after (like this one!)

This book was a present from my housemate JC and her impeccable taste in literature meant I was sure I was in for a good read. This book is honestly one of the most pure and truthful accounts of childhood and love I have ever read. Beautiful in its complex simplicity and a joy to read!

#4 When God was a Rabbit

Blurb: Spanning four decades, from 1968 onwards, this is the story of a fabulous but flawed family and the slew of ordinary and extraordinary incidents that shape their everyday lives. It is a story about childhood and growing up, loss of innocence, eccentricity, familial ties and friendships, love and life. Stripped down to its bare bones, it's about the unbreakable bond between a brother and sister

Title: When God Was a Rabbit
Author: Sarah Winman
Medium: Paperback
Publishing Details: Headline Review, 2011
Stars: ****/*****

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