Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Bright Young Things

Saying as i'm so awful at writing reviews i'm going to go for a slightly different format for the 50/50 project from now on, less reviewy- more bloggy with an added 'oh this is what i read/watched today'

I've just been away in London for a few days over the half term break. I had a wonderful time, packed in lots of friends, food, shows and wine :)

#5 Bright Young Things
I got to finish book #5 Bright Young Things by Scarlett Thomas

"Bright Young Things wanted for Big Project.' They're in the prime of their lives but our bright young things are all burnt out. Six sparky twenty-somethings just out of university and working dead-end jobs, they are all bored to tears with their lives and looking for a way out. When a mysterious job is advertised in the newspaper, they all apply. What they least expect is to find themselves prisoners on a deserted island. There's food in the fridge and they have a bedroom each, but there's no telephone, no television, and no way to escape"

It was dated, cheesy and had an unsatisfactory ending but I enjoyed it as a mindless holiday read. So i'd give it a
Rating: ***/*****

Very thankful today for good friends, the ability to travel and the means to enjoy nice things

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