Friday, 20 July 2012

The Water Sustains Me

I am so thankful I live on an island. There's something about the water that sustains me, there's something about the river that restores my soul and I love it!

 Today on my way home I took a walk down by the docks. The clouds were streaked pink coming off Cave Hill and I sat looking at Samson and Goliath reflected in the water until they faded into black to mirror the sky.

It's so quiet down there and it's mindblowing to imagine the noise that was there 100 years ago, the absence of rivet on steel is almost eerie. So as I sat and watched the last streaks of light fade from the sky I played this song [below] out of my phone, and at that moment I was so happy I could have just let the river carry me away. I am so blessed to live in this battered little city. I love its grotty charm and its wonderful people, I love its history and the future it has infront of it. Thank you Belfast for being so wonderfully you!

All that I have is a river
The river is always my home
The water sustains me without even trying
The water can't drown me, I'm done
With my dying
Where the blue of the sea meets the sky
And the big yellow sun [cranes] leads me home

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Creative Chaos Art said...

Me and Kurz feel the same about living on a peninsula... Driving in all directions but one we can reach water within half an hour, and we can't imagine anything different!
love xx