Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

I am a self proclaimed night owl. Mornings? Not my thing. Anyone who has ever lived with me or seen me in the morning can testify to this. On weekdays I usually roll myself out of bed at the latest possible moment, running out the door with both shoes just about matching, no time for breakfast. Stopping at the traffic lights involves frantically rubbing the foundation streaks off the side of my face because I threw it on in a half asleep daze. The 25 minute journey to school is just about enough time to allow me to feel semi-ready to face the day!

I can imagine the shock and surprise on my mothers face if she had been in my house this morning. My alarm went off at 6.50 and I pulled back the covers, exposing my toasty limbs to the freezing blast of air outside the duvet; a full 40 minutes before it was totally necessary. I showered and went downstairs where the timer on my coffee maker had prepared me some warm, delicious roast Columbian. I had a bowl of cereal and for 20 glorious minutes sat with my back to the radiator, Bear Grylls in hand, sipping coffee and reading. I left the house at 8.00 after properly applying my face for the day and arrived in school early enough to get a parking space (very rare for me) and mark some work before my form class came through the door.


I loved it, I still hate mornings, but this morning as I drove up the motorway I felt ready for a day, instead of my usual general annoyance that it’s still dark and darkness is for sleeping!

I guess you can call this a new years resolution, and it’s going to be very beneficial if I plan on actually taking a decent stab at this 100 books in a year thing. And on that note i'm off to the gym, let's hope this shiny new enthusiam lasts...

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